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2016-02-29 19:00:38

With March a day late due to the leap year, we look ahead to the next CS:GO event - in Denmark, for the Copenhagen Games. You may be forgiven for expecting a different line-up but this time we're delighted to see our first ever Female team step up in the Danish capital.


Preparations haven't been without their derailments though. With Kaie unable to attend, the girls called upon local Kath, to fill in as her replacement at the event. Team practises began to flow once more, however with another late twist, Kolibri decided to remove herself from the team and again the girls were looking for not only a stand-in but a new full-time member.


After a trial period Lakeda joined the roster and with just 23 days to go the team are working hard in training sessions to ensure the best possible form during the event. Female eSports is on the up and we're hopeful that our first foray into that movement will help the development of the community embracing it.  


Official CPHG line-up: 

eNzeye - Jiia - Lakeda - Kath - gab


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